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Xolair Treatment and Pregnancy can anyone help??


I am new to this but really need some help. I have been on Xolair for 2 years now, with a lot of success and I am getting married this year and we are planning a Family as soon as we are married. There is no data on the effects of xolair during pregnancy for the unborn baby and I have had conflicting information, A xolair rep advised that treatment should be stopped during pregnancy and there are observational registry services for xolair patients during pregnancy....this makes me nervous. The other advise is from my consultant and he suggests that I stay on the treatment because the risk of me coming off the treatment far out ways the risks to the unborn baby.....if there is no evidence how can he be sure? The FDA have catergorised Xolair as band B, no nown problems in pregnancy but no Human testing complete. My partner and I have trawled the internet and have come up with very little, we thought that with Xolair being in trials since 2003 and in circulation in the UK for the past 3 years there would be some data on it, good or bad but have found nothing. I dont like the thought of coming off the xolair as I am the most stable I have been since a child and I am still on all other treatments but my hospital admissions have decreased significantly and my quality of life has improved.

Has anyone taken Xolair whilst pregnant or know of anyone that has??? We would be very interested to hear from you and hear of your experiences.

Thanks :)

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It's a difficult one this one ~ it would not be ethical to ""trial"" pregnant women with xolair thats probabaly why you've not been able to find any data/ info on it's use during pregnancy. Your consultant is talking sense ~ the better controlled your asthma is during pregnancy the better your pregnancy will progress. You could ask your GP to refere you to an obstetric consultant for Pre conceptual counselling they would be probably be able to find out about xolair and advise re it's use in pregnancy.

Whilst I was pregnant I was not on xolair (it wasn't around then ~ I am on it now) but was on a maintainance dose of 40mg pred rising to 60-80mg when I was wobbly ~ my consultant (respiratory and obsetric ) were happy for me to stay on high levels like this as it prevented ITU admissions. My pregnancy was closely monitored and the baby's growth was monitored.

Speak to your GP/ respiratory consultant and ask for an obstetric referal for counselling

Good luck

Truly x


Thank you Truly, will definately get on for a referal.



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