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Strange episode

Yesterday my chest was very bad, tightness, coughing etc. Then around 4 o'clock after chatting to visiting inlaws I found myself shallow breathing and struggling, with the sensatipn of drifting away. Luckily my husband was sitting next to me and noticed me struggling and quickly put me on the nebuliser. Chest been rubbish since before Christmas tapered off Pred down to maintwnance dose of 10 mgs. Am thinking about phoning the Resp Nurse or going to see GP. Has anyone else had the shallow breathing, drifting off symptom. Had happened many times before and did mention it to my Consultant. Or could I be allergic the in-laws who think it's just asthma and why isn't there a cure, lol!.

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I am wondering whether your oxygen sats were very low! Because sometimes if for example by coughing I cut off my oxygen supply that can happen to me.


You could mention it to your consultant, I experienced this whilst in hospital and needed more medicines. Take care.



Thanks for replying. I will mention it to the Resp Nurse when I see her later this month. I thought it could be oxygen levels dropping and have a oximeter but if the batteries are left un it they become drained so didn't have time to put batteries in to check, sats normally 94 - 95 but were around 92 when checked the day before. Just monitoring my chest as it's being a bit erratic!.


Hi flowerfairy,

as it's been mentioned it might have been a sudden drop of 02. It happened to me a few times, didn't worry me at the time as I didn't really notice except the quickly following attack; but a friend said I was talking about weird things and muddled up and drop in 02 was confirmed by paramedics.

I quickly take my ventolin now if I feel ""fuzzy"" in any way.

Love Lydia x


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