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A different attack

I've had an attack this morning like no other and wonder if anyone else has had similar. I've been struggling since Jan whenI had an admission and only managed to get down to 15mg maintenance dose of Pred for less than two weeks when las week went back up and had course of antibiotics. Thought I was improving but this morning very chest and breathless and over done it with housework Was picking up litter in the garden and became very breathless, weak legs unable to catch my breath, nauseous and could only see white. I struggled to get back in doors and my son loaded the nebuliser. Took ages to get breath and sight back, did back to back nebs. Am now in bed as feel exhausted but better. Never been on the verge of collapse and lost eyesight before even in hospital. certainly shook me up. Anyone else had this happen to them or was it just a freaky experience?.

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Hello flowerfairy,

Hope you are ok this morning. I haven't had such an experience but others may well have. Please go to see your GP/hospital as this sounds quite serious with near collapse and loss of eyesight. Have you got an action plan in terms of nebs and what to do?

Also, sorry but gentle reminder to please be careful about posting for medical advice as it can worry others and we cannot see you and give appropriate advice/help/treatment in what could be an emergency.


Hi TJ,

No I don't have an action plan. I just phone GP or Resp Nurses. Spoke to GP this am and got sent to A & E where I am at the moment. I wasn't asking for advice But wanted to know of anyone else has experienced the same symptoms . Didn't mean to alarm anyone and don't normally post about my brittle asthma symptoms as it's an everyday occurrence and nothing out of the ordinary, frequent exacerbations and admissions, the episode yesterday was not usual for me and thought I would ask as there are plenty of folk on here who aren't textbook asthmatics. Thanks for replying I do appreciate it.


Hi Flowerfairy

I'm glad you are getting the help you need in hospital. Personally I can get very restless and feel the need to do things when my asthma is rearing it's head, a bit like nesting syndrome when you're pregnant! I now use that feeling as a sign things are not good rather than trying to clean the bath. When I have an attack I get very low oxygen levels and that makes me feel very dizzy and weak.

Perhaps you can to speak to you GP and asthma nurse about the attack and see if there is other support they can offer you.


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