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For the last couple of months I've had the cough and my asthma generally speaking hasn't been under as good control as it once has been. Before it's usually been a change of inhaler so that's what I decided with the asthma nurse. At the time she said I shouldn't be on symbicort 400/12, unfortunately i didn't ask why...(could kick myself now, the benefits of hindsight)

Anyway she's put me on seretide (225mg) as she says that's the only one left for me. Thing is I've been on 4 doses of the symbicort for a long time and it does seems a jump to go down to one dose of seretide and I feel uneasy about it. Is Seretide stronger or does it just work differently to Symbicort?

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  • Hi, I've had both. Seretide works in a slightly different way to Symbicort so the dose rate is different.

  • Do you mean that you were previously taking 4 puffs of symbicourt 400/12 in the morning and another 4 puffs at night? If so that is higher than a GP would normally prescribe, I wonder if that is what the nurse meant.

    If I understood you correctly that seems like a jump down to me as well. You could ring the surgery to check or ask a pharmacist (its easier to get to see one a pharmacist!).

    Hope you get is sorted and it works for you.

  • Thanks for your replies.

    I've been taking 4 puffs a day Bryony so in theory 1600mg...

    Ahh I see Grannymo, I think I've had seretide before but it's been so long ago I can't remember....

    It's just concerning me that it's a wide gap and especially with winter coming.

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