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Infection still


This is my first ever post, and was just wondering if anyone else had symptoms like myself, regarding my recent infection.

I always have Symbicort 400/12 two puffs twice a day, and use the Smart approach, although being on this treatment, i never ever feel 100% but much better than in the past.

I started a course of anti-biotics ... Doxycycline prior to Christmas and a course of steroids 40mg for a week. I remained extremely breathless so returned to the doctors. I was given another course of Doxycycline and Steroids for a six week course cutting down each week. I again returned to the doctors as still the same although a little better and was prescribed Erythromycin for a week. I felt a little better but still Breathless and wheezy and saw my own GP. She said my infection had cleared, on asking re my sputum, but i had to ask her to listen to my chest as i wanted confirmation. My peak flow has risen, but not to what it was prior to my infection.

I still remain Breathless and have stated coughing again, and on doing so it is very sore, know there is sputum to come up and it tastes as if it could turn infected.

I want to ask, does anyone out there have the same problem? I feel it is more associated with my windpipe, I loose my voice when very sore and breathless, have had omeprazole and lansoprazole in the past, but they just gave me bad indigestion.

I am just fed up of the constant not feeling well.

Thanks for listening

Lesley d

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Hi Lesleyd,

welcome to the forum. I have the exact same problem when I get a chest infection. Keep going back to GP if things don't improve. I loose my voice etc and currently resided to the sofa, have immense dificulty just getting dressed let alone anything else. My GP informs that is your sputum is white then you are clear of infection. It is really frustrating; sometimes it can take longer to recover due to the air bags being extra grumpy from a chest infection.

Not much help really. Hang on in there. xx


Hi Lesley, my first post as well! Sorry to hear you have this infection too. I started with it on 18th November and i am just starting to recover. I had antibiotics but they didn't help at all. My peak flow dropped slightly and i had some wheezing. The cough sometimes sounds like a seal barking and it comes from the top of my lungs!I have had manuka honey, steam inhalation, juicing carrots pear apple and ginger, Potter's Cough Remover (ghastly but good!) basically anything i could think of. However, i think in the main it's down to time! I have had it now best part of 2 months, but it is starting to go at last. Like you i have been breathless, struggling on each in breath and out breath. Aware of each breath, it's exhausting! Try to take good care of yourself, eat well and get some fresh air when it's not too cold. I hope it won't be much longer before you will feel better, i'm sure it's just around the corner. Very best wishes Ziggy


Many Thanks for the replies !!

I too have tried many many herbal concoctions to alleviate symptoms or try keep healthier, to no avail.

The sputum has changed colour, the peak flow going down, so i will be back to the doctors monday morning!!

Take care yourselves, and here,s to a healthier year !!




it can take a while for infections to fully clear. I had an infection recently which took 3-4 after finishing my antibiotics to stop coughing up thick yellow stuff - its been about a week and a half since I finished my antibiotics and I've stopped coughing stuff up now, but still suffering from tightness and really chesty cough.

if you're not convinced its cleared - could u ask your gp to do checks, both to see if its cleared up and if not, what bacteria it is which is causing it, ect? i've had a mental block on what its called at the moment.


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