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please help

i have asthma and i had a very tight chest for over a day i went to a walk in clinic as my GP didnt have any appointments. The GP at t he walk in clinic wasnt happy as my GPs a year ago only gave me a reliver inhaler and nothing else. The GP at the walk in clinic advised me to get an appointment after trying how i am on streoids to help my asthma. My GPs never gave me any information or told me my peak flow numbers from a year ago - which shocked the other GP when i saw him. I now have to talk to my GP about it and dont know how to talk about it with them as i feel like they write out the perscription before you enter the room.

Please Help me


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hi amanda.

i am sorry that your gp was so dismissive and that you feel like this.

you have to tell him exactly how you feel and what your concerns are when you go back.

rather than being on a course of steroids, perhaps a preventer inhaler to take daily would help, then you take the blue reliever inhaler for when you get tite chest and other symptoms.

you could also monitor your peak flow over the next few days in the morning and before bed and show him this at the appt. he also needs to put a plan in place for you and get you to see the asthma nurse. that would be more beneficial to you and give you more confidence wouldnt it?

obviously if u get unwell in the meantime, plase seek help...

keep well :)



If you are nervous about talking to your GP you could write it all down - for example, write what's happened recently, what meds you took, and whether you had time off work.





Keep it simple (typed is better) and give GP a copy. I did this for my son's consultant at each appointment and he thought it was great and he kept them on file. He could see very quickly what the history was and saved me going through it all each time.

Secondly, write down any questions. It's common for the mind to go blank when under pressure and even after all these years I sometimes come out of surgery realising I'd forgotten to ask something.

Good luck with your appointment and feel free to send me a private message.


Thank you for the advise I need it as I didnt have any info at all


Make sure you get a prescription for the AeroChamber spacer to use with your puffers.


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