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how do u find out what type of asthma you have

i know everyone has different types of asthma. How do you find out what kind of asthma you have as all i have been told is i have asthma.


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talk about how your asthma affects you, and the different types of symptoms you have, with ur asthma nurse and/or gp. if it is brittle, you would know that because it is very severe.

other wise, cough asthma or exercise induced asthma are things you may need to consider.


right ok thank you


This website has a pretty good breakdown of the categories.

You should be able to tell based on your particular symptoms and triggers. =3


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there is mild, moderate and severe /brittle

also allergic/ non-allergic (extrinsic/ intrinsic) and exercise induced

talk to your gp about your triggers and symptoms and they should be able to work out what type and how severe your asthma is.

normally only a respiratory consultant confirms diagnosis of severe/ brittle asthma

hope this helps :)

x x x


thanks as my trigger have changed in the last year and i dont think its a good thing.



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