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Chest infection

Hi all,

just got home from asthma nurse. Had a cold for 3 weeks with it going on my chest 10 days ago but because sputum wasn't green I didn't bother apart from increasing inhalers. Had a few asthma attacks and sleepless nights and was only left with shortness if breath,coughing and little wheeze.

Well my nurse listened to my chest and said it sounded bad so I'm on 40mg pred for 7 days but she also gave me antibiotics 500mg! I thought antibiotics where only given for a bacterial infection?! How come I have to take those when sputum is only yellow? Or did my nurse just want to be on the safe side?

Also having to take blue, brown and seretide inhaler so just thought it's a bit much?

Love Lydia

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hi Lydia

I Get lots of chest infections and constantly coughing.

Doc ups my meds but can do that myself now with action plan and gives me pred and strong antibiotics to shift it as low dose ones dont help.

IF its on your chest your doc knows best(sometimes)

just put a sputum one on today might help you also

love Glynis xxx


Hi glynis,

yeah think I probably overreacted. I'm not a medication lover(aren't we all?). Lung function not good. I only walk a little and get short if breath:-( I'm hyperactive too(got ADHD)so I'm used to just run about non stop. Well i was told my bottom part if the lungs are ""wheezy, crackly and binges up"" so not surprised there's no 100% function.

All these mess are making me tired and hands are shakey,that's normal I guess?

Started on antibiotics and presds so hoping they will kick in asap.

I'm not a good patient I'm afraid:-(

sorry, what do you mean with the sputum?

Love Lydia


Hiya I suffer with chest infections also and have one currently but I've always been prescribed prednisolone and antibiotics together I presumed they just balanced each other out. I wouldn't worry it works wonders for me :-)


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