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How long does it take for symbicort to work?

Hi all,

been posting recently that I was 'ordered' by the hospital con 2 weeks ago to be on symbicort 200/6 used as smart(preventer and reliever) but been struggling with it. Had to start the ventolin again after only 4days but only been using ventolin when symbicort didn't help the tight chest. Still coughing a lot but had a full blown attack tonight just after walking outside for about 3mins. Took me an hour to get sorted even with ventolin:-( gonna go and talk to my asthma nurse on Monday but just thinking I don't wanna be a wuss and really trying hard with the symbicort. Has anyone got any idea how long it takes for symbicort to actully show an effect?

Hospital con said try till august...can't do that if it stays like this.

Love Lydia x

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hi lydia,

i was on symbibort for three months did'nt work for me. its hard to tell as we are all at different stages with our asthma but maybe better to discuss this with your doctor who gave it [the nurse could swap it but the consultant might have you on it for a reason] - i personally don't believe this inhaler works for everyone. take care c


Lydia, sounds like it's not for you, should start to work in 3 or 4 days and after a week it should have really kicked in. two weeks and you're going down hill isn't good. Could be the weather though responsible in a small part but have that chat on monday.




Off symbicort again

Thanks for your replies. I've just been to my asthma nurse and she checked me over, pf only 50% and coughing and short of breath. She wasn't happy and said like you, woody, it should have kicked in almost straight away, so obviously symbicort not for me and on highest step of athma plan again:-( but back on seretide and ventolin.

She also spoke to the hospital con to inform them it wasn't working so they'll see me asap. What a carry on!

I really just want my normal life back not having to worry about asthma every single day.

Hope you're all well.

Love Lydia x


Lydia, as you're struggling, make sure you take a few puffs of ventolin 10-15mins before the seretide, open the airways first so you get the maximum benefit from the seretide.


Thanks woody,

my asthma nurse adviced me to do that, too. It can only get better;-) xx


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