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Severe asthma clinic in Newcastle

Hi everyone,

went to see my con at the hospital earlier and he's basically given up on me after 2 years, saying I have severe brittle asthma. He's referring me to a specialised asthma clinic in Newcastle to see if they can come up with anything other than permanent oral steroids, we both agreed I'm too young to be on those long term.

Forgot to ask him what the clinic was called. Does anyone know that clinic in Newcastle?

Lydia xx

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Don't know Newcastle myself. Think you've answered your own question though. They're usually called something like severe or difficult asthma clinic. Newcastle say complex see here

Good luck with referral and hope it helps


Hi Lydia

Think its called the Complex Asthma Clinic

Good luck and hope you find some answers there!



Lydia sorry I have no info for you but wishing you luck for new consultant and hope you get things sOrted and the answers you need . .... Ps if they work wonders will u ask if they do homers ....


Thanks, guys.

Yes, I guess it must be that, alex. I honestly hope I'll get some answers soon, I'm really getting sick of being and feeling I'll now!

Love, Lydia x


hi lydia, i have not heard of any clinics but it is very good to get under a specialist and if possible to get a community matron. They are fantastic and help you monitor your condition.



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