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Sons Inquest/General moan

Finally after a year of waiting we go to inquest next Tues.So many issues to be raised about Jordons untimely death. Why is it that some 1st Responders in the country are trained to level 4 and some not? Our local ones are trained to a basic level 2, which means they were unable to attend when Jords had a cardiac arrest due to his asthma attack,and we live in a rural area. The ambulances took 25 mins for heaven sake, by then Jords didnt stand a chance!

This needs changing urgently,so it does not happen again. The ambulance service needs to up there game and meet government response targets for cat A calls.


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sorry to hear about jordans untimely death.

my thoughts are with you at this time when you have to recall everything at the inquest next week :(

government needs to change things to ensure things like this dont indeed happen in the future :(

in my prayers

x x x


Hope everything goes ok for you and your family and you get the outcome you so want take care and thinking of you at this sad time hugs Kerry-Anne xxx



So sorry to hear of your loss and that the inquest is coming up.

Regarding First Responders, are you refering to the volunteer ones. These are run by local groups or sometimes St John Ambulance and refered to as Community First Responders (CFA). But overseen by the ambulance service in the counties and cover areas where there is a lack of a nearby amb st or sometimes in busy areas in general. There may be some variation with what they are trained to do or want to do. They should all carry AED (Automatic external defibrilators) Perhaps level 2 only covers Adult Advanced life support? I am not sure of the levels but will look it up.

Perhaps you could promote more advanced training for the CFAs in your area? Make something positive come out of such a sad event.

25 mins for a response is way too long. I do hope you can get some answers next week.





Shaz, My heart goes out to you, it's every parent's worst nightmare. I hope you get some answers next Tues. Thinking of you. xx


Thinking of you, what a horrendous time you are going through.

Love and hugs to you

Clare Xx


Hope you get some answers after the loss of your son and sending love and hugs to you at this stressful time xxx


Oh my... Shaz,I do hope you get some answers and that action is taken. What a horrendous experience and tragic loss. My thoughts are with you, please let me know how you get on.



Thinking of you


Sincere sympathies and hoping something positive comes from the inquest.


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