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Need some good advice! My 7yr old son has severe attacks at night, almost every night. They tend to start late evening say 9ish, and then he can have frequent attacks all through the night. The prob being that whiklst he has these attacks he is either sleep sluggish or so fast gone that he wont wake up even though he can hardly breathe. I cant be awake all night to make sure he is okay. This morning i woke up at 5.45 to hear him struggling for breath, yet he was fast asleep. I have no idea wot time this attack started but my fear is that 1 day im gonna b too late!! Any 1 out there with similar . Has anyone ever heard of an alert system [rather like a bed wetting alarm] to wake him when he starts struggling. Shaz

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Afraid I haven't heard of any such alarm to alert him or yourself about an attack. But from your post I would urge you to seek medical advice immediately, as your Son's asthma sounds very poorly controlled. Personally I wouldn't hesitate in getting your son in A & E this evening if this happens again, as he sounds very unwell, and sometimes it is more helpful for a medic to see what is happening as opposed to trying to explain it to a GP the next day.

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Hello Shazbob,

As a children's respiratory nurse I would agree with the previous posting.

Ask to see a specialist as this needs to be diagnosed correctly first & then the appropriate treatment given.

Whilst waiting for the apopointment (but ensure they know you think this is urgent & dont wait too long with out ringing the consultant you have been referred to) keep a diary of what is happening or even better, record it on your phone. This will help the doctor as when you take him to clinic or A&E he will be wide awake & showing no signs what so ever which is the norm.

But don't delay seeking emergency medical support if you feel he needs it.

Good luck

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something like this maybe -

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I noticed this post was 7 years ago. How is everything going and what happened?


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