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Chest is rubbish!

Hi all. I am on 40mg of Pred, Theo, Simbicort 400mg, Montelukast, Nebbed Atrovent and Salbutamol, I have recently had 3 admissions to ITU. The middle one I was Intubated and out for 4 days. I caught Pneumonia then. Then I was sent home from the resp ward and was back on ITU after only 5 days at home. (3rd time) They managed to get me to respond to the buckets of back-to-back nebs, corticos and magnesium(? a new one on me). I have a very noisy, phlegmy chest tonight. I rang the Out-of-hours service on Sunday (last). They said they didnt do house house calls . SO I had to go INTO the hospital AGAIN. The Locum listened to my historry and sent me across the corridor to the Casualty guys. I spent 4 hours in there being checked over.They said my Sthma meds were so high and varied that I couldnt HAVE Antibiotics!

I have a feeling Iwill be visiting the Resus Dept again tonight! I have a PFl of 300 but my chest DONT sound good. My sputum is clear not cloudy. I wonder if anyone else has a 'feeling' they are going to be il, or am I being obvious here.

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For me it depends. Some attacks do follow a gradual worsening but most seem to come out of the blue and i dont expect them at all! I hope that costa or not you improve soon. Let us know how things go. All the best.

Rose xxx


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