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Home IV

Hi all.

Just wondering whether anyone has ever done home ivs before. Ive had quite a few in hospital before but think this might be quite different? Happened so quick today I forgot what to ask!

Also I think I'm having them for 10/14 days so will I have a normal cannula, and they replace it a few times or will they stick a picc in do you think? My cannulae (??) never seem to last too long so not sure if I want to be running to get them changed repeatedly, especially over a bank holiday!

And any other tips? I'll be continuing to work etc so any tips gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance!

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Dear Sarah

I do home IV's and it's very easy so don't worry. I am always admitted to hospital for picc line insertion and the drugs are started and the levels checked. The hospital do comprehensive training on how to use the picc line and mix the drugs, it's normally a 5 day admittance for me. I've never heard of you being allowed home with a cannular.

Once you have had the training and the picc line inserted it really couldn't be more simple. They will supply enough drugs, flushes, syringes, needles, gloves and sharps bin.

The only tip i would give you is make sure you follow the sterile procedures they teach you to the letter. Bathing/showering causes the usual problems making sure the picc line stays dry. The dressings need to be changed weekly and that generally for me involves a trip back to the ward, it's easier than trying to sort out community nurses!

I cant imagine it will present you with a problem going back to work doing the IVs yourself but i suppose that rather depends on your job, providing you can work and maintain integrity of the picc line and keep it sterile.

Good luck


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