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dont take things for granted

A while ago i post about my asthma and other problems that were agrovating it, i got put on steriods ,antibios and meds for my stomach,all well and good then , good was on here i found the reason why i was having so many problems , reading the posts and finding out information allowed me to put the findings to my doctor , who agreed with me. but the bad news , the syptoms didnt completely go away , and last week i started coughing up blood, so being sensible for a change i went back to the doc ,had an appointment yesterday at the diabetic clinic so decided to do all my tests in one go at the hosipital, before the clinic appointment, in the xray , i had one done, then told to hold on, ask to have another done, then told to hold on. then them words you dont like to hear"" a doctor needs to see you"" to cut along story short , im back at the hosiptal today for a ct scan and biopsy on my left lung, seems strange as my right side of my chest hurts, but hey they have the pictures, i was going to be taken in yesterday but they couldnt get the fax through to my gp and the other docs were in a conference, my diabetes doc sorted things out in the end, but didnt like the fact they were all running around like blue arse flies , made me feel atouch uneasy ,especially when you dont have a conclusive answer, which no doubt i will get today.

So not looking great, but what concerns me and i dont want to scare anyone here, is my syptoms wernt much different to others on here , apart from the blood coming up , which is now only on the odd occaision and not much at that, if that hadnt happened , i would be none the wiser as would my doctor be, so if you get chest pain, bad breathing etc and feel its not getting better demand an xray, better safe than sorry


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Hope you get some clear and proper answers. All this havering and faffing about is so wearying. Think we've all experienced this at one time or another. Left hand, right hand.


What an experience at least you persisted and got help, lets hope they sort you out now. Take care



Sitting in doc's waiting room today, the lady beside me was telling her friend about her husband's experience. That he'd gone to the doc saying he had a thirst and felt unable to walk as joints were very sore. Also that he was losing weight rapidly. Whatever doc he'd seen had said well, mid life, we can expect joints to start giving in and a bit of weight loss is always a good thing. Referred for physio who asked for urine sample then phoned an hour or so later and said get yourself off to hospital pronto. Ultra high sugar levels. Turns out the chap has diabetes.

The reason I'm getting so steamed up about a complete stranger is that his story mirrors exactly that of my dad's more than ten years ago. Dad also went complaining of joint pain, weight loss and a thirst. Referred to physio, who asked for urine sample and in the space of one day, my dad went from taking no meds apart from HBP tablets the one day, to finding he needed to take insulin by injection twice a day,for the rest of his life. This chap is the same.

How can this still be happening? Are our doctors not reading up on symptoms any more. Are they too complacent or not trained enough? I think more likely, though, they don't have the time.

So the message seem would seem to be - don't just sit there - keep badgering and press for real answers.


hi mr gee

I am always on my medical teams back for one thing or another because if you do not how do you know if they are missing something. If you do not tell them things how are they meant to know? They are not you.

Glad you are getting sorted out!



@mr gee Sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly. I hope you get your answers soon and recover quickly.

@GrannyMo I really hope that that is not the norm, after all of the awareness campaigns that diabetesUK have been running in recent years. I'm sure th


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