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Not good at all

Hi everyone

Some will know that ive had afew problems recently with my chest, but after having coughed up alittle blood i was sent for more tests at the hosipital. but when the xray person says , could you please wait a doctor needs to see you , you know something aint right. to cut a long story short, ive been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma in my left lung and also a spot in my liver. theres no cure by operation , but you can have chemo to help with the syptoms and shrink the tumor, still in a rather no mans state at the mo so havnt really taken everything in yet, only told thursday, and had to tell in inlaws, which was not pleasant.i have this weird sensation of being disengaged from the human race at the mo, like i cant rejoin it , very weird feeling, information which your brain would such up like a sponge , just seems pointless now, never felt these feeling before so finding them hard to adjust too. always been a fighter to my illnesses, from arthritus , asthma, and diabetes, but now have come up against one thats stronger than me, not something i like, but if it wants a fight its got one, cant believe i fighting a genetical f....d up cell :-) gaz

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Hope you are keeping your spirits up Gaz. Life can sometimes want to kick you up the bum eh? Hopefully you will feel better once they start the chemo for you. Maggies have been really supportive and informative for helping me cope with my relatives illness


Hi Mr gee

That kind of news must be shocking to absorb. But you are a fighter as your records show so don't give up. It a disease with a name noone likes but its still a disease. Asthma could had messed you up but you fought it and survived right, get your chemo and let it help you fight too.



Know what u mean about can't absorb what's happening. Several close relatives have had cancer (over the years) and when I was told I went into a sort of parrallel world, felt I was looking down on me, very wierd and horrible. But when everyone gets over the initial shock, u then swing into 'battlestations' and get on with the treatment and hope for the best. And u r a fighter, a tremendous asset. Good luck Mr Gee, thinking of you.


Good luck and try stay positive.

My friend is going through kemo and radiotherapy at the moment.

Hope you start treatment soon .

love Glynis xxx


Shocking news. Try and stay positive.

From your posts you seem to be a tough cookie, So dont let this make you crumble.

I too have visited that parrellel place but for a very different reason, my advice to you is stay there as long as you need but remember to pop back from time to time as there are most definately people who will want to know you are doing ok.take care.chell


Thanks for yer support , peoples, will be up the hosi tomorrow, fingers crossed my kidney tests will be ok and the chemo can get under way. coming to terms with what ive got now , and as usual joking about it :-)The hardest thing i did was tell my niece whos with twins, i didnt want to, but her hubby said she wouldnt forgive me if i didnt, i had to walk away and let the wife finish telling her , i couldnt face her as she started crying,even us tough nuts get emotional now and again :-) bless her shes been phoning everyday.Lots of things to think about now , which most would never at my time of life, but hey ive had enough crap in my life alittle bit more aint going to topple me.One beneit of this is , the wifes stepmom , who has been keeping her health close to her chest lately ,is finally opening up to me, she not very well either, has copd amonst other things , and i think feels she can have my shoulder to lean on, which in turn helps me keep me mind occupied.

anyway thanks again for yer support and words..Gaz


Well had me chemo, which wasnt as bad as i thought it might have been , the only problem for me was staying in hospital overnight due to my diabetes , CANT stand being in hosi.but all went wwell , certainly feeling alittle better than i was , very little pain now in me chest and got a good nights sleep when i got home atlast:-) still on steriods so alittle hyper and of course helps with pain , but they will be finished soon so not sure what il feel like after them , also ive been on alot of anti-sickness pills , so abit worried as to how its going to effect my acid reflux once i have to cut down, at themo its done a champion jobby, so i fink i will have to have a word with me doc, got the next lot on the 18th in the chemo day clinic so thats better than staying in, even though its really boring, stucked to a machince for hours, but hey it aint making me worse :-)I must say that the staff at mount vernon hospital are great, always there to help and answer any questions, plus i saw other guys alot worse off then me ,even though i was probley the youngest there, but did make me appreciate things abit more.Thanks again for you kind words people, every little does help. Cheers Gaz


I'm glad it went well, sounds like your fighting again :)


Hi Gaz, Good to hear you've got one chemo session behind you. Good luck and get plenty of rest. xx


Hi Gaz. hope you are ok and chemo not made you to sick. My friend just finished hers and due start radio therapy.love Glynis x


I admire your fighting spirit Gaz!

When my mum was diagnosed with cancer, her oncologist said her fighting spirit will make a difference in her outcome. She has been in remission now for 19 years. Keep strong and I hope your treatment passes quickly for you.

Jac xx


blimey thats not great is it but although its awful you do seem to have such a good fighting spirit which can only help. good luck with the treatment and make sure you are taking good care of yourself with lots of rest and are surrounding yourself by people who love and care for you x


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