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Steroid inhaler and wisdom teeth removal

I'm a bit worried, because I've been told I need my wisdom teeth removed and after you do you can't use mouthwash for a while because it will cause dry sockets.

This is a problem, because my steroid inhaler has the potential to cause oral thrush and if I don't use mouthwash this will happen.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and do you have any creative solutions to my dilemma?

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Hi lale,

I use daktarin sugar free oral gel when i get thrush, you can buy it over the pharmacy counter. I assume it would be alright to use after a tooth extraction but would check with the pharmacist. It works very quickly.


do you use a spacer?

They can help increase the amount of your inhaler which you get into your lungs and can also reduce side effects such as oral thrush.


I second the idea of getting hold of a spacer.

Dry socket (Or alveolar osteitis to use its fancy schmancy name!) is really intensely painful. I had my wisdoms out separately. The first was a dream - popped out, healed up with only minor pain and stiffness, and after about a week I was pretty much normal.

I developed dry socket in the second, and the pain was unlike anything I've ever experienced before - and I've had multiple surgeries! I would encourage you to do nothing that increases the likelihood of getting dry socket.

So. The thing the dentists really want you to avoid is ""negative pressure"" in your mouth - basically, sucking in. If you can use a spacer with your inhalers so you can breath normally rather than suck on an inhaler, that would be useful.

Secondly you can rinse with tepid salt-water, but use a passive slosh round your mouth, not an active squishy rinse & gargle (if that makes sense) so you don't risk dislodging the forming clot in the socket.

Do talk to your dentist about your concerns - they will probably have dealt with this before.

Best wishes! Most people don't get dry socket, and the normal tenderness from having a wisdom tooth out isn't exactly pleasant, but it's really not the end of the world.


Thanks to everyone for replying. Reading your replies has given me more peace of mind.

I haven't thought about a spacer, so next time I see my doctor, I will ask them about this!

Additionally, thank you for the tips about tepid salt water and daktarin sugar free oral gel.

It's good to know there are options out there to reduce the risk of me getting dry sockets and oral thrush!


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