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Symbicort, where next?

Hi All

i have been using Symbicort 400 for ages at 4 puffs per day and although using it since it first came in i found it helped i really feel that i am now having too many break through periods of asthma symptoms and having to depend on salamol more and more often and particularly recently. I don't really want to take any more steroid medication and wondered where i go next.

Also every May my asthma symptoms are worse which may be related to my current problems and wondered if there is any medication that could help with the asthma symptoms which may be related to this season.



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I had 200/6 symbicort until recently. Now on Seretide 250, max dose. Seems to be working better for me (crosses fingers). Certainly my Peak Flows are more over the 300 mark than previously. Not sure this answers your question except to say I too feel like a lab rat sometimes.



try taking a once daily antihistamines such as certizine and see if that helps


I am assuming the problems you are referring to are pollen allergy. There has been alot of research to show that if you control the hayfever, it helps enormously with asthma control. As suggested try a long acting, non drowsy antihistamine such as cetirizine or loratidine, but also a nasal spray can work wonders. I have found Nasonex works best for us but there is also flixonase etc. Although these do contain a steroid it is quite small compared to Symbicort 400!

Hope you get some answers and improve your control.


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