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Teeth and asthma drugs


I recently attended the dentist, something i always dread!

Just wondered if anyone knows if any of the asthma drugs which are inhaled or taken as tablets cause dental problems.

I specifically use symbicort, ventolin and prednisolone ( when my asthma is bad) as well as nebulisers also only when my asthma becomes problematic.

My teeth were fine by the way but just wondered as my dentist seemed interested in the medications i was taking.



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teeth and mouth breathing

i'd be more concerned with the effect of mouth breathing on your teeth and the mouth and teeth of children more particularly.

When our mouth is open during breathing the PH balance is altered and the teeth dry out whereby the saliva is no longer coating the enamel on your teeth thus increasing dental caries (cavities), the tongue is in the incorrect position resulting in increased irregularities in jaw and teeth positioning and formation. Jaw tends to form elongated and narrow also causes difficulties with obstructing the passages in the roof of the mouth.

Lots of studies ongoing in this area and increased interest from orthodontists worldwide.....

they find that people who continue to mouth breathe after corrective teeth straightening end up with crooked teeth and are now training people to nasal breathe to improve the effectiveness of their work.

My theory on it, suggests that switching to nasal breathing as a preemptive action may improve the chances of having better and straighter teeth thus not requiring correction in the first place. Particularly for kids as they are still growing....


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