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Gurgling chest?


I have recently had flu, about 3 weeks ago, and seem to have been left with a gurgling feeling in my lungs when i breathe in. Its not painful although when i am in bed and lying flat i can feel the build up of mucus, which is uncomfortable and i feel the need to cough.

I have a cough, not painful but seems to be related to the build up of mucus on my chest.

I dont have any fever or chills now and my energy levels feel fine although my peak flow is around 80%.

I have never had flu so not sure if this is normal post flu symptoms and i will recover in time or should i visit my GP to get checked out.



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Hi Pinky

Would be best to make an appointment with your GP to get checked out.Try putting something under your bed to raise your head up a little it might help you sleep.

Honey and lemon is good and soothing if your coughing.

lots of love Glynis xxx


I always did get this when had chesty colds.

Pre-asthma, I never bothered to do anything about it. Went away by itself eventually.

Now though, I'd go get it checked out soon as.

Best wishes pinky,

GrannyMo xx


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