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Basically that says it all.

I am not prescribed the decent sized ventolin puffers which fit perfectly in these cool cases but rather CFC something or rather salamol puffers which are small and awkward when trying to buy sports protector cases for. I did buy a puffa pouch which is cool but too big. Was looking for something waterproof to take out surfing, my new hobby which i will have to stop if i cannt get organised with a handy pouch for my puffa.

Any ideas?



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If you wanted to attach it to something maybe drill a small hole into the plastic case and loop it. I don't think there are any cases for the salamols tho :(


hey pinky,

I love surfing too :)

best place for your salbutomol i have found is the arm of your wet suit!

If your wetsuit fits properly it should be tight, therefore ur inhaler wont fall out!

Deffinetly dont give up surfing!!

have fun!


ps. we should swop inhalers I much prefer the little salamol ones compared to the ventolin lol!


I drilled a little hole in the top edge of my salamol inhaler and then threaded a caribena (sp?) through it to attach to my belt loops when i go horse riding. Now I know nothing about surfing but Im assuming wetsuits dont have belt loops, so you would have to find somewhere else to attach it to, but it works! However, the inhaler would get full of sea water and clog up...ok maybe not a good idea for people who like watersports!


not sure what you could do to modify the salamol but if i was you i would just request that they give you ventolin rather than salamol, they will do it. My daughter can't stand the salamol, she says that she feels like she doesn't get the same amount of relief from the salamol, others have apparently complained of the same things and they just changed it over for me, salamol is the cheaper option for the doctors but they can give out the ventolin if required. Hope this helps




depending on what your script says, can't you just swap pharmacies. I vary in what I am dispensed depending on the pharmacy I go to, but most stock the larger ventolins and will most likely give you that whatever yr script says cuz fundamentally its the same active ingredient.


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