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Long Term on Inhaled Steroids

Every time I ask the question what are the long term effects/side effects of taking inhaled steroids I am told there are no side effects due to the small amount I inhale.

My question is, after 30 odd years of taking steroids, surely there must be some build up in order that the medicine works.

Long term on Benovate causes problems, mid term on preds has problems so why not LONGGGGG term on inhaled?

My list of medication changes every few years as I “out grow” the lot that is in use. Where will it end, When I’m 64? Will you still love me, will you still need me etc?

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I'm sure the doctor told me there are no long term problems etc caused by inhaled steroids as the steroid goes straight to the lungs and it is a small dose usually. i think its tablet steroid intake that can cause longer term effects but not inhaled


side effects are supposed to be minimal, but hey, 30 years from now, you'll probably have other things wrong anyway, as will we all, and personally i'd rather have a life now and worry about the future when it happens. Having a good short life is surely better than a long bad one.


Hi Woody-Som or should it be worry-sum?

A short happy life is better than a long miserable one. Keep on with the humour - it's a tonic


long term inhaled steroids

They do have long term problems...my little boy Alfie is on flixotide (he's just 7) and has a calcium tablet daily to counter the damage to his bones, he has a two yearly test on his adrenal function because of possible damage from the flixotide. Alfie is on high doses of flixotide but it is an inhaled steroid..for a long time he was on alternate day pred but since he's added in alternate day azithromycin we've been able to drop the pred back to an emergency med.

Margot x.


Hi there. How's your not so little boy now Margate? Any adrenal problems?


The effects are well documented for children on high dose ICS, adults seem to tolerate them well.


Hi sorry I know this is an old post. I have been on Beclomethasone dipropionate Qvar steroid inhaler for 25 years. Just wondered if you have any adrenal problems now? Many thanks.


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