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Feeling worried that they might stop my Singulair at my Asthma review next month

Hi there

I am a bit puzzled.

I went to the doctors today, for my blood pressure check and to get some more more pain killers for my feet.

Whilst there, the doctor said (Not my usual Doctor)to me that now my asthma is back under control, she wants to reduce my Symbicort 400/12, 2 puffs, twice daily, back down to 200/6, 2 puffs twice daily, and also stop the Singulair tablets.

She has arranged for me to have an asthma review next month, i am really worried, as my asthma was out of control constantly from November 2008 to March 2009. Changing to the higher strength and having Singulair added to my asthma treatment has significantly improved my quality of life.

Don't get me wrong i know it is best to be on the minimal amount of medication needed to keep asthma under control, but i am scared my asthma is going to flare up, and i am going to be back to square one again...

Hopefully when i go for the review, i will feel more assured.

I am preparing my list of concerns and questions as we speak...

Why can't i be left be?


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As a doc I wouldn't (personally) even think about changing your treatment just yet if you've only been properly controlled for a month.

Please don't be afraid to express your concerns. You obviously appreciate the ""Step-up/step-down"" approach that is used in asthma treatment, but it shouldn't be a rapid thing, rather a much more gradual one. And (again, personally) I wouldn't change more than one part of your medication regime at a time.

Hope you have a successful review and feel comfortable with the proposed plan.



i thought it was usual practice to only do the step down with the meds once you had no symptoms, and a stable peak flow for at least 3 months.

I wouldn't want to make such a huge change to the medication anyway, maybe try removing the singulair first for a few months before adjusting the symbicort, but even this is still a bit soon.

If you feel really worried about being changed, lie, say you still get some cough now and again, but noting that you are worried about, not totally ethical, but you get piece of mind, and stress is an asthma trigger, so worrying about having your medication changed may well present you with some symptoms anyway.


V Strange that... I think that especially at allergy season like now most asthmatics should be kept on their singulair tablets, maybe the inhalers can be stepped down but think its a bad idea for singulair to be taken away. maybe mention to the doctor that now its hayfever season its not a good idea...?



Hi Moschops,

I'm not saying this to scare you at all, just to make you aware - I find that even if I miss one dose of Singulair, I feel significantly worse the next day. Food poisoning once stopped me absorbing it, and within 3 days I was quite ill - it took me until day 3 to work out why I felt so bad. I was really surprised by this because it takes a while to start working, but it seemed to stop working quickly with me.

If they want to take you off Singulair, do it carefully, and make sure you've got some to go back onto if you need to. Take care.


In an agreed step to lower my meds as much as possible for the summer, I had my Singulair stopped by my GP at the same time that my Flixotide dose was halved a few weeks ago - with no ill effects whatsoever.

Because we are all so different, moschops1976, it is essential that you simply voice your concerns to your own doctor and he/she will no doubt make a decision that is appropriate for you.


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