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Re Phasing out Becotide Has anyone heard whether it's true?

Hi there

Hope everyone is doing ok?

Just wondering, does anyone know whether Becotide is being phased out? I'm sure i heard somewhere that it is...

I'm sure that's what my asthma nurse told me ages ago. just want to know because my brother in law is on Becotide.

I was on Bricanyl, Serevent 50mg and Becotide 200mg, but over a year ago, i was put on Symbicort and ventolin, i'm sure the reason they swapped me was because of the phasing out of becotide...though i did get on better when i was on the 3 seperate inhalers... Since being on symbicort my asthma has deteriorated, to the point of having to be on regular steroid courses and being on the maximum strength Symbicort inhaler.

Hope to have my question answerd.


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Quick answer:

Becotide the inhaler IS being phased out. It contains CFCs and is not allowed under the Montreal agreement.

However, the drug that is in Becotide - beclometasone - is available in other inhalers. Your brother-in-law's GP will need to switch him to something else.


As Peaksteve said, because of the Montreal Protocol, the use of CFC's have to be phased out.

For alternatives, check this site:


yes , its been phased out, i cant get hold of it anymore either , however there are several different cfc free options out there, some people get on with different ones beter than others!

hope this helps

tinx xx


Thank you for your message

Hi thanks for replying to my question.

I was obviously paying attention at my asthma review. Sometimes they give you so much info you can't take it all in.




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