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Re not sure if it's coincidence or to do with Ventolin

Hi there

Not sure if this is coincidence or if is anything to do with ventolin, but over the last week or so, i have had to get up during the night, sometimes twice a night to go for a wee.

I've hardly ever had to do this, i normally go the whole night without having to go.

I have been suffering from a chest infection and am currently on Clarithromycin 500mg twice daily, am also taking 40mg of steroids daily. I am on Atrovent 20mg 2 puffs 4 times daily, Symbicort 200/6 2 puffs twice daily (although not been able to take for nearly a week as i can not take a deep enough breath to inhale the powder) and ventolin. I have been having to use my ventolin lots as i keep having asthma attacks, think it is a mixture of weather related and to do with the chest infection. Before i go bed i take 10 puffs, otherwise i wake up coughing during the night, G.P says this is fine.

Could it be the ventolin causing me to wake up during the night, i do have kidney problems and have to take furosemide 40 mg daily as i do not wee enough and fluid builds up.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated, i would feel daft going to the doctors, just because i keep waking up to go to the loo, but i do need my sleep.

Kind regards


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i have had a similar problem recently and ive had a hard time trying to pin point what is doing it, I probably say go through all the leaflets and have a look, Mind you its most probably likely to be the preds.



Im the same keep going the loo,but have noticed im worse when on

pred and antibiotics, but my last visit to AnE for asthma and nebs had a blood test and

they found I have a kidney problem and now got go see a specialist as their was a realy drastic drop in what ever it should be ,should be 90 mine was 40,

Think would mention it to your doc or asthma nurse when next you go xxxxxxx


Prednisolone can make u pee more. If any concerns you should discuss it with ur gp


Have you been drinking lots during the hot weather and continued drinking lots now it is a bit cooler?

As not sweating so much, perhaps it is going through?

Just a passing thought!




must go for a check up


As you mentioned that you have a kidney problem you should have it check out that preds are not causing some other medication to work or better still they are not clashing. Even your antibiotics may clash with something else. Your better off going to a GP to check this out.

take care


Pred can sometimes cause this problem, I often experience it. From time to time I get my glucose levels checked because pred can mess with your blood sugar levels and mimic diabetes symptoms like wanting to pass urine frequently,


Re Not sure if it's coincidence or to do with ventolin

Hi there

Thanks for all the replies to my question, now i know i am not going mad... Will try and get an appointment to get checked out hopefully tomorrow.

Thank you once again



As others have said, it could well be the Pred for multiple reasons. Also, it may be the Ventolin, but not directly. I find I don't sleep as well/deeply and wake more when on high doses of Ventolin. I don't know if this is the Ventolin itself or the fact that when on high doses it's because my asthma isn't so good and so that's keeping me awake. My thought was then that, whatever the cause, if I'm awake more I may be more aware of needing the loo than if I slept all through the night.


link to excessive breathing and nighttime urination

i used to need to wake and wee every night. I thought this was normal.

Did this for 32 years. HAve rarely gone since and i do drink alot more water since even shortly before going to bed.

Buteyko identified hyperventilation as have a relaxing effect on smooth muscle (this also can explain poor circulation (cold hands and feet) that many asthmatics suffer.

After we go to bed, our breathing as asthmatics is higher than our metabolic activity (hidden hyperventilation).

How we breathe at night reflects how we breathed during the day as we work on auto pilot.

Big breathing during teh day results in big breathing at night.

This results in lower blood CO2 levels which constrict smooth muscles in our body (explains nighttime asthma symptoms as the smmoth muscle around our lungs also gets squeezed (so we take ventolin) including around our bladders. When squeezed, the bladder gives you the signal that you need to go and you either wet the bed or wake and go to the loo.

I know a 24yr old who stopped nighttime toilet trips within 2 weeks of commencing buteyko breathing in June 2010.

Hasnt gone since at night.

many times people check for uti and kidney issues for adult and children bedwetting without making the breathing volume (too high) and delivery (nose) connection....

works a treat. And helps your asthma too!


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