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Re Lungs feeling stiff

Hi there

Lately i have been experiencing what i can only describe as my lungs feeling stiff.

It first happened a week last saturday when i was staying at my nans in Surrey, it was incredibly hot and the air quality was not very good, but it's happening again today and it is much cooler.

It is an effort to breath both in and out and am getting the occassionally feeling like cramp in my rib area.

Is this connected to asthma ? or what could it be? i know it's not a heart attack as i've got no other pain or tingling in my arms...

I am at the doctors on tuesday, so will mention it then.

I'm not in any distress or i would go to our local walk in center, just wondering if it could be related to asthma?


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I know what you mean, I've had the same thing, and can't find an answer to it, but if you're in real trouble then obviously use the ventolin. Would be nice to know what they say on tuesday, but I've only ever been told, if it goes away, then don't worry, and the asthma nurse had never heard of it before, so I guess it's either not very common, or people just don't mention it, and it's nothing serious. It could be weather related, or more likely humidity, but I wouldn't rule out certain foods.

I know your sensible, and if real trouble you would get help, so not going to lecture.



I get the cramp in my lungs when i laugh or when i turn suddenly and it is very unpleasant as you can nether breathe in nor out, but as woody som said because it whethers off after a few seconds my con is not worried. Just move around to try and get rid of it.

It is so weird when you can feel your lungs or the muslces around them!


Re Lungs Feeling Stiff

Went to the doctors today, but the typical thing happened...woke up this morning and my lungs didn't feel stiff.

I still mentioned it to my GP, she listened to my chest and that sounded fine, she just said it could be all part of the asthma, just keep an eye on it...or if it occurs again come back or go to the walk in center.

My pulse was slower today only 60 beats per minute, compared to the normal 75-90 beats per minute...Monitoring that too.



My son is asthmatic & lungs feel 'stiff' and chest pains

Hi, just thought I'd add to this what my son experiences and the doctor's thoughts.

My son is 8 and has asthma. He often has chest pains that really hurt ""in his lungs"" as he puts it. This usually happens on warm, muggy days and also when he is running around on the playground or at PE. He is quite definite that it is different to an asthma attack.

I discussed his symptoms with our GP who couldn't find anything conclusive that could cause the problem. He even had a cardiogram to make certain that the heart was not the underlying problem and everything was ok.

One afternoon I had a call from school because he was very upset and scared at this pain & his reliever had not helped so I whipped him down to A&E to have him examined whilst actually feeling this pain.

He was xrayed to check his ribs & look for infection in his lungs & monitored whilst the pain lasted.

The doctor could see my son was in a lot of pain and very scared and was able to reassure him that he wasn't going to die!

The only reason that the doctor could come up with was the muscles in the chest wall could be 'cramping' causing the feeling of 'stiff lungs' . He said this was happening because my son was not breathing in deeply enough (because of the asthma) and during exercise and in hot weather when his body needs more oxygen, the sudden fast shallow breaths caused spasms in his chest wall - hence the pain. He suggested that as soon as pain begins, stop whatever he is doing and breathe in to a count of 8-10 expanding the chest as much as possible and breath out slowly. Repeat this until the pain subsides. My son does use his inhaler as well just to aid his breathing.


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