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can anyone help?

i have been asthmatic for 11yrs, and have recently been having a really bad time with my asthma. i have been to see my asthma nurse and gp and they are refusing to change my medications and have told me to decrease my inhalors that i'm on as the dose is too high.

i have an awful cough at the moment which is lasting for ages and having regular attacks which is leading to frequent trips to my local a and e are not making me any happier.

is there anything i can do to make my gp and asthma nurse listen to me? i feel like it is them that have the asthma not me.


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hi what doses you on. try asking for referral to cchest con at local hospital you have a right to ask for a refferal and 2nd opinion. where on island do u live if you don't mind saying just cause have relatives over there.


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