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first visit to consultant

Hi everyone,

I finaly got to see my respiratory consultant last week.

It was an experience i wouldn't care to repeat too often.

I was treated like a 2 year old, and basically told I had asthma and could expect it to get excerabated at this time of the year.Basically to get on with it.

She also informed me that as an x smoker whatever damage I had done to my lungs that there was nothing they could do about it.

As for my loss of voice she said that wasnt asthma, it was voice something and she could send me to a speech therapist.

All in all, she was less than sympathic. She took me off all nebs,(I was on it 4 times a day),gave me a new inhaler and did some blood tests.

I have told my dr I dont want to see her again and want a second opinion. He has agreed to this and said her mind was made up before she saw me.

Has anyone had an expierence like this?

And any tips for future visits?


I was so deflated when I came out, and while in there was stunned into silence!

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This just about made me cry, but having asthma myself so don't dare. I too have an abnormal ekg. I'm 54 and getting tired. God bless!


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