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weird !!!

My asthma not doing very well at the moment but pf not to bad.

Why does that happen?

needing lots of reliever but my hospital action plan says

start steroids at 300 but my pf not dropping that low going from 500 to 400-380 but feels

like its lower than that but not by my pf?

Managing with lots of reliever so far but does puzzle me about PF readings not showing how bad i feel.

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Know what you mean Glynis, my peak flow doesn't always reflect how I feel. Waiting for hosp. appt still, was postponed 3 weeks from tomorrow with a week's notice, grrr. Have no written action plan from GPs only what I've been told and written up myself on the AUK action plan. Sounds like you have a good team there, as you said before getting calls from asthma nurse. My practice will never call even when asked directly to.

I think many people now base starting steroids on symptoms too like the AUK action plan which states one or more of the 'such as needing reliever every 4 hours or more, unable to manage normal activities... or peak flow below ...'


hi glynis

like TJ says, my pf does not always reflect how bad i feel ?? and i have mentioned this to my existing useless cons - as i told u bout - and my existing asthma nurse, so they know.

instead they now say, which seems bit obvious really, to go by how u feel in yourself and not just by pf itself.. yet this doest help wen judging wen to take pred etc.

my case is slitely diff as i am on cont pred, so wot i do, if i have had inc symptoms + change in pf or not, then inc pred 5mg, if okay then drop 5mg. if you see wot i mean?

other than the pf 300, are there any other signs of wen to start your pred i.e. if needing puffs more freq than 4hrly?

you could go by those then if pf not reliable as it not matching how u feel. its mon today now, so u cud try ringing ur asthma nurse see wot she says bout other signs to go by?

hope u feeling better and stroppy lungs behave themselves!!

x x x


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