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Sorry folks not a nice thing to talk about.

I Have been in hospital and AnE a few times last year with asthma attacks and also get lots of chest infections and have to have Pred and antibiotics.

My throat always feels thick of muck when I swallow.

Im not after medical advise just wanted to here what colour sputum is in other people ?

Usually go docs when green and breathing low and coughing and weezy and get sorted out.

Last 2 /4 days coughing up yellow gunk now and keeping eye its not start of a infection again,as feel ok other than coughing as most days.

I can tell my self when I need help and up meds.

so what colour should sputum be or vary from?

love Glynis x

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hi glynis

funnily enough i was going to post something similar tonight as i have been coughing up green phlegm for last few days but feel ok other then my usual asthma cough, i usually go to the doctor if i have discoloured phlegm and feel poorly or my asthma is worse, otherwise i just see how it goes, but usually i find that green/yellow phlegm means a chest infection is brewing, so it's probably best to keep an eye on things and if you start to feel poorly then see your gp

lejaya x



If the colour has changed to your normal colour it is a suggestion of infection. Clear,White, cream and pale yellow tends to fairly normal. But heading towards a darker yellow and mucky then I think its more likely to infected. I cough up a lot of suptum and my normal is pale yellow, white. But can usally tell when I am heading for chest infection as I get a funny taste in my mouth!

I also work on Newborn intensive care unit when sputum is part of my daily job, darker yellows tends to be infection.

Hope this helps?




thankyou,mouth has a funny taste also,will keep an eye on it,got pred for chest infections and get docs for antibiotics gives me really strong ones as lower doses dont help.

love Glynis xxx


From what I've learned at uni and work is that if it's darker yellow sputum it might be a viral infection but if it's green it's more likely to be bacterial.

But sometimes we me cough up yellow sputum but it might be green in the lower airways. That's why it's best to see a professional if we're not sure.

Love Lydia


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