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My Asthma was really bad and not having luck with any meds,

my lungs filled up of mucus really bad and could not swallow at all with out swallowing thick

mucus that made me feel sick 24/7.

The last 2 years have been horrible and finding it hard to cope with asthma.

Any how,my doc put me on Carbocisteine and it has really helped me and now can swallow

24/7 with out swallowing mucus.(most of the time)

My breathing has improved and my smile is back and hope now be able to face the winter.

hope its not just a good patch im going through and end up back to square one I hope not, so hoping fingers crossed get more better days.

know need to reply but just wanted tell people how Carbocistine has helped me ,

love Glynis xxx

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Hi Glynis,

I am so pleased that you are now feeling a lot better.

Lets hope the improvement continues


Thanks Glynis - will make a note of it for when I next have a chest infection. Had never heard of it before.


i love this drug...when my chest is bad i am constantly vomiting with mucus and always used to feel as though i was chocking...used this for a few years now and its fantastic....wonder why its not used more by other asthmatics...


Spoke to soon and had another big attack crashed quickly,

went walk in centre and back on the smarties x

thaught it was to good be true after a few good days


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