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Im due to see my hospital consultant and hospital asthma nurse next week.

I have been on pred for long periods and most of the time since xmas.

Not on it at the moment.

Is their a different and stronger inhaler than Seretide I could ask to try to help

with inflamation and to help keep me off oral steroids ,

love glynis.

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I'd change your inhalers from the DPI to MDI with a spacer, shown to be much more effective, but also maybe try adding atrovent see if that helps open up the airways, take it hour before the inhaled steroid and fingers crossed.


Thank you woody-som. Will read up about atrovent .will I have to replace any of my meds? eg spiriva


yeah you can only have atrovent or spiriva.

Fostair is slightly newer and few people seem to be trying that. I am on trial of fostair, spiriva and flixotide but will prob be changing as not working for me, but would be a good combination for many i imagine



Also wondering about adding inhalers as on max Seretide. When or why would Spiriva/Atrovent be tried or theophylline? Not had much luck finding a lot of evidence either way. Woody-som if you could send me any links that would be great! Not been on long courses pred. but had 3 short courses in the last 4/5 months. Is Fostair not equivalent to 1000mcg beclomethasone i.e. 500 Seretide a day so not suitable for those on high dose inhaled steroids?

Seeing asthma nurse again Monday & she was meant to be calling consultant re options while I wait for *appt. Hopefully will have some answers then & not just more pred.

Good luck with hospital appt Glynis

*Edit to add respiratory appt 1st August



Have to wait til hosp appt for anything to be added, more pred me thinks soon then. Have GP appt to try asking them rather than asthma nurse, it's one of the senior GPs I've not seen yet.


Got see my asthma consultant and asthma nurse tomorrow so hope all goes well and

get reasurance from him my blue lips arnt nothing to worry about as heart scans etc were ok.


Cösultant visit went well.Was over the moon kept a pf chart and put everything down.i hit pf 500 at home and got same on hosp machine.See me in 3 months.As infections are a trigger ive got ring up when got infection and will test me that day if pf low and if i can take pic when lips go blue to show him as heart ok and go back ok after ten mins.i only know they are blue when people tell me so hope snap a pic show him x


Im on clinil modulit 100 2 puffs twice a day and i use a spacer and i am still getting thrush in my mouth

can any one help what i should do


hi all

I am on the clinil modulite in haler 2 puff twice a day and i also have selbutamol 4 times a day at pressent, the problem i am having is that i kepp getting oral thrush in mouth before getting the spaceer and i am still getting it with the spacer, tried cleaning teath afterwards and rincing mouth out still not helping,

if there is any one that has any surgestions to try would be apreseated


Hi mel1978,

I use a different steroid inhaler but also get intermittent oral thrush. I use Daktarin oral gel, you can get it at a pharmacy counter (I get mine in my local Sainsburys.) It is sugar free and i use it after i have brushed my teeth at night as and when i need it.



Hi Glynis!

I'm thrilled to hear that you're doing so well at the moment, and that your hospital consultant is pleased with the way that things are going.

You may have tried it already, but my hospital consultant is a big fan of the SMART protocol, which uses Symbicort inhaler as a reliever and preventer (so you would take it regularly and also as required). It's quite a clever idea, as it gets steroids into your lungs when you're wheezy and therefore are likely to need more steroids as well as giving you a boost of reliever morning and evening when you take it as a preventer.

Hope things are still going well, and that you're enjoying the sunshine!


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