How can weather flair up my lungs.Had a bad attack and just getting over it and went shopping saturday and weather flared up my lungs and also been out today shopping and lungs feel all inflamed again.I am a bit worried as got my first winter coming up.

Got an asthma review in the morning with my GP xxx

just read all about it on AUK websight so will see what doc can do at asthma review in the morning

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  • The cold air in winter always makes my asthma worse and my lungs are constantly sore. Back at docs next Tuesday as my chest was killing me all day at work again. Good luck with nurse! Its best to try and get your asthma as well controlled as possible for the real winter coming in but im not doing so well myself at this


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    my Asthma played up a week last saturday out of the blue when fog decended over our town and then again later in the week when it returned and visibility was so bad we could hardly see driving. I had a very bad attack and the next day ended up at the GP then the hospital having been diagnosed witha lung infection. I believe the underlying infection made it harder to cope with the weather due to inflamation. I sugest you go and get a check up to be on the safe side. There have been times ive been and most of the time it shows nothing up but it was a complete surprise to me. Hope you get some relief.

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    Had to visit A + E yesterday and was told this type of weather brings in a lot of asthmatics, last winter I spendt numerous days in and out of hospital due to the cold air. So I am doing all to avoid exposure this year. The funny thing was in summer I had attacks due to the dry heat too. Hmmm...I amm trying to get this asthma under control. Take care of yourselves Gill

  • The hospital told me the sudden change to cold weather has recently brought a lot of asthmatics in. It does seem to have got cold quickly, because I'm sure I was wearing T-shirts not that long ago and now I'm wearing double jumpers!

  • The weather is doing something my asthma is going wild! Warning folks!

  • My asthma has got worse with the cold weather too, I love winter but hate the weather!


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