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Taking my pf in the morning

Just wandering if im taking my pf at the right time in the morning.

I do it first thing sitting up in bed before anything else and always usually says 500 but through out the day it

drops alot so was wandering if my first pf should be about a hour or so when up and about and see what

it is then.

I have to do a pf diary every day for my hospital asthma nurse so just wandered what you guys do.

mine is usually 500 sitting up in bed but drops through the day to 400 and then i get asthma symptoms most days and need my reliever and can drop down to 300.

thanks glynis xxx

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Dear Glynis,

When I had to record my PF I was given a chart/graph to fill out and told to record my PF readings pre inhaler, then take meds, then record post inhaler 20 mins later, I was told to do this morning and evening. On each days chart there was a space to record symptoms of how well you slept, wheeziness through the day, extra medication taken etc, not sure if this is what your asthma nurse is after or not?

Hope this helps.


I have to take mine morning, noon and night, pre and post medication...i yhen have to record and extra meds i may need, whether i have had and asthma symptoms and then also what sort of night i have had...

This for me is an intense one as i have such uncontrolled asthma yet on maximum treatment so they are trying to figure out if there is a pattern between triggers



Consultant wants me to check mine first thing before any inhalers/meds and then at 6pm. Was given a hospital chart but little space to record any more or medications/symptoms so will keep using the Asthma Logbook app on my Mac.


Thank you everyone xxx

Been doing my pf for my hosp asthma nurse and consultant with a AUK chart.

Writing down whats setting me off ,what my pf is and what ive taken and AnE Visits and walk in centre visits and doc visits and their test results .

Just find when I wake up pf is 500 but drops a lot in the day and usually really quickly as if reacted to something and attack.

It can also dips through the day gradually .

found out a few triggers over the years eg weather ,grass pollen,virus,time of the month and few others

so just been monitored at the moment every 3 months and can ring them any time. xxx


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