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Always cold

Im always cold and shivery all the time and my whole boddy feels cold and goose bumps.

When its hot or warm out side or in the house with heating on and family sitting in t shirts im huggled up freezing.

Im on lots of pills for OA and asthma and new gunk pills .

does any one else feel the cold all the time ?

will tell doc when go see him .been going on months now and far to cold when house warm

love glynis xxx

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Hi glynis yeap I'm the same. Colder than normal to the point where I walk around with thick fleece jumper on even though today it is hot out-side the point where I have got 2 wash loads washed and dried on my washing line today but I am still cold.


Glynis get your dr to check your bloods incase ur anaemic.


Also ask for your thyroid to checked if you have a blood test, you could have an underactive thyroid.


Thanks everyone will do,love Glynis xxx


In usually freezing cold or at boiling point, driving me mad!steroids make it worse.

Kate x


excessive breathing causes cooling

Hi Glynis, a great side effect for me to learning the buteyko method (a nasal breathing method - we should all breathe through our nose all the time - somehow this learning has been lost down through the years) is improved circulation. If you breathe through your mouth then the effect is the same as panting - a known cooling mechanism for animals after exertion (for example a dog after a long run during the summer expect the dog reverts to nasal breathign afterwards). Chronic mouth breathing leads to a similar effect - your bosy withdraws circulation to the extremities resulting in feeling cold.

Funnily enough, some people also then have mixed messages and feel alternately hot and clammy in their hands and feet.....and then back to freezing again.If you maintain correct breathing volume and technique you will feel and be warmer. Not straightforward to break a lifetimes habit....

Good luck!


Buteyko""d-, thanks im still doing the breathing method you use when out in cold weather ,

hope you are ok not seen you about,love Glynis x


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