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My boyfriend just got diagnosed, could we get some advice?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has some advice for someone who is new to asthma. My boyfriend (33) got diagnosed with asthma two months ago and is using albuterol and seretide 200 to control it. He was doing OK to begin with but got worse and worse during the night time and had a severe attack last week (before the attack he was on a lower dose of seretide). Hes not completely recovered from the attack and is embarrassed to use his inhaler in front of other people. Does anyone know how I can help him relieve his symptoms (we tried some massages) and help him feel more comfortable about having asthma?

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Hi, sorry to hear your boyfriend is having a rough time at the mo. I had an attack a couple of weeks ago and took me a while to get over it as I picked up a chest infection more or less straight afterwards. The only advice I would give is for your boyfriend to rest and don't get stressed out and give himself time to recover. As for not using his inhaler infront of people I won't do it either because I find it really embarrassing so I can sympathise with him there if I need it I just go somewhere out of the way like to the toilet or somewhere.

Hope this helps



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