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Hey guys..x

Was just wandering if you wander why this is, EVery time i lie on my right hand side when im sleeping i get a really chestie caugh and asthma symptoms begin! But when i lie on my left side My asthma seems to be ok! At nite its the worse! Is this because one lung is weaker than the other? I dont no! mibi sounds like a stupid question but am just curious why this could be.

Katie x

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Dear Katie,

I dont know why this would be, however i think maybe you should tell your doctor about it? i would guess that maybe you have an infection at the moment that is on that side that sets your asthma off?

how long have you had asthma for by the way? and how long has this sleeping thing been going on for?




Hiya Lizzie...x

Yeah think ill say to my doctor 2moro when i see her, see what she says.

i have really bad asthma, was just out of hospital last week- it was my 12th hospital admision of the year!!!! Anything can set it of! Im due to start a new treatment next week called xolair means going into hosp ever 2 weeks for 2 hours 2 get this injection but might me life changing for me or it mite not even work! just need 2 hope for the best! I have had asthma since i was a child but it never ever bothered me up until about 4-5 years ago and in the last 2 years my asthma has gotten worse and worse! I have lots of allergies and it sets the asthma off! this is why they r trying me on this new allergy treatment.

I get sleepless nights with it, somtimes i could get a good nite sleep but other times ill be lucky to get 3 hours sleep.

How long u had asthma for? thanks for your reply btw!:)!




I get exactly the same thing, better on the left and worse on the right, I thought I was going crazy so I'm glad I'm not the only one, although that doesn't help you much, sorry.

I read somewhere that if you lie on your left side you get more oxygen flow but I'm not sure if that's true. Ask your doctor next time you see them and let me know, I can never get any sense out of mine, just blank looks as if I'm crazy.



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