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Has anyone ever had the new treatment for allergy asthma called XOLAIR?

Hiya everyone, I have just become a member of the asthma site and thought id post a question to see what you guys thing. i have allergy asthma and it is very uncontrolled, basically im allergic to near enough everything, i have a hospital appointment tomoro with my doctor and he is very keen for me to start on a new treatment called XOLAIR its for people who have alot of allergys and there asthma is affected, has anyone on this site ever had this treatment? it is alot of responsibiity as you need 2 go into hospital every 2 weeks but if it is going to stop alot of my allergys and stop me from taking attacks. i am really considering going for the treatment as i havent got much of a life right now. i just wanted to see if anyone who has had it, can give me any feedback on it and if it worked for them? and if there is any bad bits about the treatment?

be grear to hear from you guys



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Hi Katie

My consultant like you was very keen for me to have this treatment however my IgE level was too far out of range to be therapeutic (mine was over 5000) and its therapeutic roughly in the 30-700 range. If your asthma is allergy instigated then it should theoretically work for you, for some people it works brilliantly there are few people on this messageboard who have found it to be life-changing. While others have found it has made little or no difference at all. There is a range of possible side effects it depends on the indivdual what they are, some people will find they have few or none at all while another will have many.

There is plenty of information about Xolair (Omalizumab) on the messageboard, just search for it in the search box to the left of your screen. :)

Take care, simi x


There are loads of older threads on this board about Xolair - do a search for it in the box on the left below the ""talking points"" and I'm sure you'll find a load of good info there.


aww thanks guys, i have just put Xolair into search and theres loads of info, thats going to be helpful to me. Have hospital today soprob find out more info on it there.

Thanks again:)



Hi Katie,

I think that you are very lucky to be getting the xolair treatment, I asked them if I could have it because my life is non existent because of my asthma but they refused. Good luck with the treatment and let us know how it goes, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope it works for you. I've heard other people who have had it and it has changed their lives.

Good luck



hi Katie

I have only just had my 3rd injection which for me is monthly but it is early days yet to say if it is working.i will have my 16 week review re xolair in january to see wheverer i stay on it or it is stopped.

hope you get the answers you want tomorrow


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