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XOLAIR Treatment?

Hiya everyone, I just got out of hospital yday after being in for a week. they thought i had swine flu but was just normal flu But it affected my asthma and chest really bad. i am on mend now but still got a caugh and a bit of a wheeze. But unfortunatly because i have been unwell they arent going ahead with my Xolair treatment and have now prosponed it till the following week wednesday 9th december. so im just hoping i manage to keep well till then.

What i was wandering though while i was in hospital got told a bit more about Xolair and i just found out i will be given an epipen, as i have so many allergys but its because if treatment doesnt work i could take an allergic reaction to it. has anyone ever taken an alergic reaction 2 xolair and what was it that happend to you? i am extremly nervous about starting the treatment as i am first person in fife area to get it, so am kind of the ginnie pig and lots of doctors are interested to see if it works or not! I feel like im kind of a case study! lol!

If you have any advice i would be greatful if you could post back to this discussion!

katie xxx

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I've been on Xolair for 4 months now, I haven't had any kind of allergic reaction. Here for 1st injection I had to stay for two hours afterwards, but since then that has decreased.

Hope it works for you.

Em x


Hi Katie i been on xolair for 3 months and had no reaction when i had them as Em said you have to wait afterwards but so far i had none


Aww thanks for your feed back girls! really appreciate it!

Im so nervous about it, got my first treatment on the 11th! Im excited in a way 2 tho as mite change my life but then again it mite not!:(! just have to wait and see!

Thanks again

Katie xx


Hi Katie

Good luck for the 11th Dec hope it goes ok.

be aware that it does not work straight away it may take some weeks . i am hoping that it has just started working for me at the end ogf my 16week trail end of dec so in new year will now what is happening


Hi there :)

I am in my second month of Xolair treatment, and whilst at the hospital, I see a few other people who are on the treatment as well. I have discussed reactions with the specialist and my Dr, and they don't know of anybody who has had a reaction!!! As mentioned, they make you wait after your first set of injections, I had to wait 4 hours before being let home and then in my second dose they made me wait for an hour, but I was fine!! Good luck to you, all the best!!!



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