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Fed up!!!

Hiya everyone..x i was just wandering does anyone ever get fed up with taken steroids, i was in HDU for 10 days about 2 weeks ago and they had me on 60mg steroids and am still in 40mg, i do usually take 10mg steroids a days but they going to gradually reduce them again. but what i really want is to come of them all together as i am putting on so much weight and my bones all ache! But i do no its really only option for my asthma is steroids, because its nt under control as its very bad allergy asthma and theres no treatment!:(! I am just feeling really fed up at the minute!

katie x

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hang in there.

hi Katie,

just wanted to say hang in there. im in the same boat as you. It seems as thought your on the right track im on the other side ive been on mild drugs the cocktails of anti histamines and the works, but since joining this website seems like all asthmatics are having a flare up - could be is nasty weather!

take care get loads of water in you,


I know how you feel Kaite, been on 40mg for past 8 weeks and every attempt to reduce it has resulted in a relapse, a long time ago I was on them for 2 years constantly so have to be grateful for small things!

I am the opposite tho I loose all appetite when on them and loose weight, none of us get an eay ride whichever way round it is!

From someone who knows, so your not alone

Snow xx


All I can say is you gotta slowly reduce the prednisolone dose if u stop or reduce too quickly you asthma will crash and you become really unwell withit. Your body isn't producing as much steriod as before and needs time to make up deficit from reducing the tablet amount. The weight Can be lost when asthma under control or when the dose gets reduced. I know the weight gets to you. But you gotta reduce the dose on dr instructions


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