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Chest pain advice

Hiya everyone, i just came out of hospital a few weeks ago as i had a really bad chest infection and was on oral ani biotics and my asthma was really bad at the time as well. for first time ever i also had chest pain, and after anti biotics sunk in chest pain went away but today i have experiancing chest pain again, and feel its a bit tight but i have no wheeze so am think this isnt my asthma or am i wroung? i have doctors friday so going to speak to doctor then, but what do you guys think am i right in saying this cant be my asthma?

Katie xx

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Sorry, but This is not the place to ask for urgent advice about posibly serious problems such as chest pain.

Please see the bumped up message!

If you have unexplained chest pain you must get advice or help now.

Please phone NHS direct 0845 46 47 / NHS24 or 999.

We cannot see you here so we would be very wrong to advise what it could be.

Hope you get it sorted.



Ok thanks, i just really not wanting 2 go back into hospital. just been trying to deal with it on my own. but think im going to give NHS 24 a call!



Hi Katie,

Like you was really bad with a chest infection and ended up in AnE. Could hardly breath and in a lot of pain and had oral augmentin 625. took me a while get over it but if your still having trouble ring the docs and might get you in sooner.

wishing you a speedy recovery love Glynis xxxx


Hiya Thanks Glynes..x

I just really dont want to land myself back in hospital! im in so often and it total gets me down when i am in hospital. but im going to phone NHS 24 for advice as still got chest pain and tightness. but im not wheezy or that. so dont know.

Hope you are feeling better now:)

Katie x


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