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I am just back from the hospital and i am getting put forward for the XOLAIR treatment, i get my first treatment in 4 weeks but means going to hospital every 2 weeks for 2 hours. i am really nervous about it because i am allergic ot loads of things, im scared incase take allergic reaction to the treatment but going to try it as if it works will help my asthma and my daily life alot. I am currently not working at the moment because my asthma has been really bad and my allergys are so high, but i was wandering if people who have had the treatment, how successful has it been for you? and if you are able to work? i really want to start working as i just graduated and really want to start working in the area is graduated in but my concern is if i get a job, how am i going to be able to work round going into hospital every 2 weeks for my Xolair treatment, hopfully work would be ok about it but i dont know. I really hope that this new treatment will help me get my life back, as it gets me really down my asthma as it bothers me so much.


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