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Snowy - Saturday

Hello everyone!

Alex (Snowy's husband) has asked me to update, as he's not feeling able to do so, and doesn't want to leave Snowy once he's back with her. He also asked me to thank everyone for the good wishes and PMs, to which he will reply once he is able.

Snowy's infection (the ventilator-associated pneumonia - VAP) is not responding to the treatments that have been tried so far, and all her observations (chest x-ray, white blood cells, temperature, heart rate, etc.) seem to be showing signs that the infection is getting worse rather than better. In addition, she now has an empyema, which is a localised collection of infection/pus, and is a complication of the VAP.

As I'm sure you can imagine, fighting this aggressive infection is taking a huge toll on Snowy's body - particularly on her heart and lungs, even though she is supported with mechanical ventilation and other interventions.

Please join me in sending lots of love and supportive thoughts to Snowy and her family!

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Thank you for the update Wishes.

I am thinking of them all the time and it is so kind of you and others to keep us informed of what is happening.

They are - as ever - in my thoughts and in my heart.


Thanks for the update Wishes - so sorry to hear Snowy is still not doing so well. As ever thinking of her, Alex and Lewis and really hoping she starts fighting this off soon and things start improving.


Thanks for the update. Very sorry to hear the latest. Thinking of Snowy, Alex and Lewis. Please pass on our very best wishes.


Thanks for updating us - it must have been pretty hard to do. Snowy, Alex and Lewis are in my thoughts.


As many positive thoughts as I have are going towards Snowy, Alex and Lewis.

Thanks for the update Wishes


Sending you all my total love and prayers and strength at positivity and hope with all my heart Snowy finds the strength to hang in and fight back.In my thoughts glynis xxx


Alex, Snowy and Lewis, you are in my thoughts and hoping things start to improve soon. Thank you Wishes for keeping us updated.

Jac xxx


thankyou for updating us. many, MANY good wishes for Snowy et al that the drs may be guided to do the right things and that alex and lewis can cope trhough out.

geina x


thank for the upadate, i hope we hear good news soon. C'mon snowy keep fighting, your gonna win.

Thinking of you all, i hope they find the right treatment soon to help. Alex take care and look after yourself and keep positive. Lots of love and wishes .


My heart goes out to snowy and her family im sure we are all praying for her and family love and hugs to you all xxxxx


Wishing Snowy the best and you too Alex. My thoughst and prayers are with you.



I do hope Snowy starts to feel better soon.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all Snowy, Alex and family


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