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chest CT

I had a letter today to say that my consultant has requested that I have an urgent CT scan, and it is tommorow. When I was in hospital he ( my consultant) described it as being put in a virtual bacon slicer, not looking forward to it at all, does anyone have any ideas what it will be like? My asthma is horendous at the moment I am spending more time at the local holiday camp than I am at home so am hoping that this will give the doctors some answers to why I am just so brittle. Also another question sorry I have so many at the moment. When I was in hospital last time I had a central line put in my neck...I have been home about 10 days and I am still getting the odd twinge in the line site is that normal? Thank you

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hi dont worry about the ct scan. The machine its self is shaped like a massive polo. It takes xrays in slices to give a better picture of your chest

Hope that helps




I think your consultant needs to work on his 'communicating with patients' skills - that's hardly the most reassuring description of anything, and makes it sound like some kind of meat grinder! Which it isn't.

Never had one so far but I know what they are (my cons. was considering it but thought not worth it for me) and like Amanda says the slices are just the pictures - the images are of thin 'slices' of your chest and the computer builds them up into a whole image. I don't think you notice much though, probably just lie there for a while. I had a VQ scan which is a bit different but I think not 100 miles away and mainly it was just boring!

Can't help with the central line as never had one but isn't it a needle in your neck? I would have thought off the top of my head that might hurt for a while after though don't take my word for it obviously.

Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you get on! xx


hi Honey,

Dont worry it will be ok had a few Scans.

Some times put a dye in to show up scan better , everyone feels worried and

the staff always make you feel at ease and will ask you constantly are you ok and

its soon over.

love glynis xxx


A chest CT scan like the others have said is nothing to worry about... The technitions tell you the position to lie in for the scan and the platform you lie on moves in and out through the scanner (big polo with a hole in it) and you are asked to hold and release your breath at certain times so the technitians can take inspiratory and expiratory scans of your lungs. The whole process is painless and you just have to follow instructions. As Glynis said you may or may not have to have a dye injection depending on what your consultant has requested.

The bacon slices your consultant mentions relate to the multiple images the scanner takes in multiple areas across your lung to get a detailed picture of what is going on with your lungs.


hi honey!

central line sites are normal to still feel the odd twinge for up to 10 days if u move awkwardly etc.. otherwise no, should be okay by now.

if there is redness around the area, or pain on using it etc.. can be sign of infection.

in relation to ct scans, you lie on a bed for a short while, similar to having an mri. and the tunnel machine comes pretty close to you, but doesnt hurt you, etc. you be fine :)

they probably ask you to raise your arms aboe your head so that they can get view of your chest from the sides.

u will be given a panic button, so if you feel panic attack, or pain, or unwell etc. just let them know and they will get you out of there quick, but you will be okay, so dont worry.

good luck :)



Thank you for your reassurances...you were so right nothing to worry about. It is just like going through a giant donut o.r polo mint it didn't take long at all. I get results in May when I see Dr Bacon Slicer himself might be having a word with him about communication skills! My neck is sore but not red or hot so don't think infected. i will mention to doctor tomorrow when I go for yet another blood test!


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