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bronchial thermoplasty and LABAs

Hi All

I have been told that this may now be a real option for me, it was discussed 6 months ago but shortly after that I had an ITU admission and was ventilated so I was not allowed to try it. I have done some reading up on it but I'm still very unsure about it.

Has anyone had any experience with it, either having had it, know someone who has had it or heard any thing about it that might help me understand it all a bit more.

Also, I have the same questions about azythromycin, another new treatment started today for me to add to everything else. I know it can effect my theophylline levels which are not well controlled at the best of times.

Any responses would be happily taken on board,

Thanks, J.

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i have been started on azithromycin also for infection.

it is an antibiotic, but has anti-inflammatory properties. so quite useful for asthmatics as it will help reduce inflammation in the airways.

dont know much bout the effects on the theophylline levels tho sorry :(



Thanks Snowy :)

I have been readinng a lot of your posts & man you have it rough with all your infections & AB use. My chest doctor doesn't use AB on me often as my xrays are quite 'unusual' as he puts it. I also have atelectasis so it makes them hard to interperate. My WCC usually sits at about 18 but my CRP & neutraphils are pretty much borderline normal.

I have to take these new AB on a mon, wed, fri & have regular bloods checked, it's a minimum of 3 months on this treatment to see how it works, is that like you are or are you on an intensive short course??

Just as a point of interest, & a bit of a good point for me, when I am well, which hasn't been the case for some time now, I could hit PF of 600 & you wouldn't know I was asthmatic at all so perhaps there is hope for me yet, and others.

Thank you for your responses to my posts, it really helps having an online support network to share real life experiences from real people. This forum reminds me how lucky I am, & that I'm not alone. Recently it's been a lonely time for me in & out of costa even though I have many people in my life none of them fully understand what it's like to be truly breathless. Thanks for your support :) J


well, i don't know much about it and haven't really understood it, but i have discussed the possibility of having a broncho thermoplasty with my cinsultant, but it was not possible due to so many intubations...sorry, i guess this doesn't help, but i kind of know what ur talking about anyway...


Hope this helps....

Azythromycin works as it has antiinflamatory properties, by reducing the inflamation in the lungs it's is hoped ur asthma improves. Can interact with drug levels of other upset tummy.

Bronchothermoplasty is done in stages... U need lung function to be greater than 60% to commence it. A tube is placed in to the lungs and the Walls of ur airways get damaged due to heat from the tube/broncho scope. By damaging the wall it is hoped that this cannot thicken or swell up in the future. so improving ur asthma. Was told they don't know how long the benefits last for at present. The risk is the airways collapsing after the heat treatment and plugs of mucus alfo after it.... They is more info online. Didn't want to bore or overload . Hope things improve soon !!!


in relation to my antibiotics use. everytime i have chest infection / penumonia they always usually double up with augmentin and clarythromycin. then when this recent spell started 6 weeks ago started ;



aug + claryth

amoxicillin (which never works-dismissed my opiionion and i got worse of course!!)

aug + claryth (when got sepsis and acidotic)


aug + azithromycin

now doxycycline

so overall its been just one course of azithromycin short term, however, consultant decided to put me on azithromycin as prophylaxis - mon, wed, fri as u pointed out. start that from next appt. with that, not if but WHEN get another chest infection, wont needt to stop it, but add on auigmentin, and if need be change the agmentin if sputum sensitivities suggest otherwise...

hope this helps!!


x x x


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