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air pollution text messages

Hope i've put this in the right place. Anyway i found a leaflet while in pharmacists for air pollution text alerts these are FREE.You can get them sent to your mobile by texting AIRTEXT to 78070 or visit the website www. airtext.info.You can get them delivered to your computer or home phone. If you go via the website you can choose whether you get the alerts the eve before or on the morning of the high pollution day. Aparently you get a text message giving you an air pollution alert, info about symptoms and health advice. I hope this of help. (This seems to be for the london boroughs)


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We get *them in Sussex too. The Scheme is called AIRALERT here. It's good - helps you know when air quality might be a problem. I've been signed up for a couple of years.

*Edited spelling mistakes


I get these where I am in London. Just be warned, they occasionally send them very early in the morning - nothing like an unexpected text-message to jolt you awake!!


i've been getting them for well over a year. they can make you wake with a start occasionally LOL

geina x


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