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Hi to everyone,

I havent been on here for a while,but I keep an eye on the posts. But can i ask,Is it just me or does any one else have probs with the mini wright meters, the seal that pushes the needle up the scale has distorted so it does not read correctly. I am getting wildy different readings- ive only had the thing for 10 days and this about the 4 or 5 one ive had recently!!!. Its not been washed so thats not caused it, Ive now ordered a piko 1 to see if thats better. I dont think its bad breath :)


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  • Never had a problem, got two standard ones and ones digital. Bith fine - there is some variation between digital and normal but both consistant withing themselves. Is it possible your pharmacy has a dodgy batch? Sounds a bit unlikely but maybe?

  • last 2 came from asthma nurse and before that pharmacies but they did last alot longer than 10 days. Previously i had washed meter in cool soapy water, then noticed the seal had disorted. I assumed it was because i had washed it, but now its happened several times. I will phone asthma nurse and the parmacies involved and see if any one else has had probs. Thanks for your ideas.


  • We've had quite a few over the years and never had any problems.

  • I recently bought a digital pf for my son from amazon, I am really pleased with that, although as previously said there does seem to be a variation with them as his best peak flow is much better on the digital one.

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