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I have recently been on pred medication for 5 days which helped my tight chest and the awful coughing fits, I finished these on Wednesday and now im back to square one coughing a lot in the day but no too bad at night, im due to go and see doc in a week or so for a review of my meds as my asthma has only reared its ugly head after 2 years!

Do you think I will need more predisolone medication?

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firstly, we arnt supposed to hand out medical advice on this board, but i know what it can be like when your not used to your asthma playing up and you dont know who to see when. so...

if you have gone back to the same condition you were in before the pred course and have now run out of pred i would say you need to go back to your GP first thing monday, or ring up NHS direct/out of hours line to see an out of hours GP tonight/tomorrow if possible. a week is a long time to wait to see a dr when your struggling with your breathing, you need to see someone asap to sort out wether you need to up your inhalers, add on extra inhalers or medications or to go back on the pred.

generally i have always been advised by GPs that if you come to the end of a short course of pred and have not improved or recovered then you need to see the dr again on the last day of meds to discuss what to do next- stopping the meds for several days and then going back when its really bad, or worse ending up needing emergency help isnt going to help you settle your asthma back down, so you need to be pro-active and find out what to do BEFORE your meds have run out.

so, get yourself to a dr!


Maybe and maybe not. Im afraid you will need to wait until the doc has a listen to your chest and symptoms. Are you coughing anything up?

I cough quite a lot but most of that time I dont need any medication. Now and then get pred but cough a lot of the time without needing any medications.

Just look for starting to cough anything up though and pains when coughing or breathing incase you are developing a ches infection. I end up with these all the time lol

Hope you get better soon



The way I read your post I took it that the pred has taken away the tight chest and difficulty breathing. If this is not the case personally I would phone and see GP as soon as possible



Please you need to discusse this with your dr. i cough when the weather changes i.e when it's cold and my dr prescribed VISCOF D for me and it worked so you can consult your dr first before taking any medication.

wish you speedy recovery.



this is interesting on coughing


I cough alot when exposed to cold weather. Its worse when am going/coming home to/from work. I cant stay out for long and very cautious when out shopping. My blue inhaler does help at these times and i feel at moment my asthma is well controlled since i started taking singulair. I dont get many attacks but guess i have to avoid the cold and if i have to go out in it make sure theres a brew waiting for me at work! Always helps me. I love getting warm x


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