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A possible cure?

Hey i'm new to this forum and have been a sufferer for a long time now, I study medical genetics at the university of Huddersfield and in my time studying there I have come across some interesting articles concerning asthma research. None however as interesting as research carried out by a Dr. David Hahn, who seems to think hes found a cure for maybe 50% of asthma sufferers or more.

The above link has all the relevant information and it seems that if you request a blood test and it is discovered that your body does suffer from high levels of Chlamydia Pneumoniae then it is also very likely that they could be the cause of Asthma. If that is the case then a long course of strong antibiotics could very well rid you of the bacteria and as a result your asthma. I myself have yet to request this blood test at the doctors as I am still weary on the research and so would like to get multiple peoples opinions, hence this forum, also Chlamydia Pneumoniae is only responsible for asthma in some people so there is a good chance that a lot of people can not be cured this way.

Should I request the blood test or not? your replies would be greatly appreciated.

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Haven't read the link yet, will look later, but I'd say it's only a blood test, what is there to loose?


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