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what if your allergic to Steroids

there must be a Steroid FREE Asthma Inhaler.....that replaces Symbicort....

I finally been told by Specalist s that YES i am Allergic 2 all types of what happens when im bad....My Dr has told me 2 keep talking my steroid inhaler even tho i swell up and get agressive after taking it Also im lactose Intollerence and symbicort contains lactose{which im told 2 avoid}

Any 1 out there 2 advise me please thanks Sebressa

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im not sure about steroid free inhlaers, as as far as i was aware all preventors are steroid based, (im sure others more in the know will be able to correct me!) but just a thought- are you on singulair/montelukast tablets?

singulair is not steroid based and may aid settling your asthma down long term and would mean you might be able to be on a lower dose of inhalers? anything that reduces your reliance on steroid based medications must be a plus! possibly worth discussing with your drs if you arnt already on it?

Reply is a possible, singulair, accolate, alupent syrup (I think), tilade spring to mind, but sure must be others, also look in the herbal tea thread, a former member of this site was also unable to use steroids and controlled his asthma with coffee...not one I'd recommend, so be cautious with that.


Or a cromoglycate type preventer. Tilade or Intal- not sure about the lactose bit but i'm on tilade- it's not very nice, but has no steroids in :)


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